11th october 2020 // 11am-1pm

Date Of upcoming Fayre

The Webbing Fayre

On the date of the fayre, (which varies depending on region) all listed suppliers will ‘go live’ on their business facebook or instagram pages. During this two-hour session we encourage you to head over and greet them with a ‘hello’ (or similar words to that effect!) since interaction is great!

The suppliers are free to present their services as they please, this may include a chat, demonstrations or even offer discounts. By joining us via our instagram or Facebook in the comfort of your own home, you can sample demonstrations of services, watch live music sets and a virtual catwalk.

Most importantly you will be given the opportunity to mingle with our fabulous suppliers.

How it works

Use the supplier portal page to get inspired and go chat with your faves.

The Webbing Fayre Introduction

Live Music Set

Virtual Catwalk

The Webbing Fayre Farewell

 - 11.15am-12pm & 12.15pm -1pm -
 *All Suppliers Are Live*

- 10.55am -

- 11am - 11.15am -

 - 12pm - 12.30pm -

- 1pm - 


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Currently our coverage is for a broad range of tastes/cultures. We are looking to potentially expand our showcasing to more specific national fayres - such as for Asian weddings, elopements, and gay weddings.

are there any national fayres or wedding specific fayres?

We encourage all suppliers to go live on Instagram - however some prefer Facebook. If there are any specific suppliers you wish to see it is best to check both, or with the supplier prior to the event.


Each region will host 2 fayres. A fayre in January and September. The suppliers will be present on the site for a minimum of one month prior to and after the wedding fayre

How many fayres a year are there?

There is scope to organise future fayres within a smaller catchment area. Please let us know if you have any ideas or requests for your local region. 

My region is very large, are there any more localised fayres?

Unless otherwise stated the wedding fayres will take place between 11am and 1pm on the specified date for your region. The live set will commence the Fayre from 11-11.15 with the Bridal catwalk from 12-12.30.

What time are the fayres?

On the day there is a 2 hour period in which the suppliers will be live on their social media. During this time there is a 30 minute session for the bridal catwalk, alongside a 15 minute live gig from the musician of choice.

How Long does the fayre last?


Coming Soon

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